Bring home the BEST Singapore food souvenir brands today.

Bring home the BEST Singapore food souvenir brands today.

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  • * Tingkat Exotic Set Bestseller

    * Tingkat Exotic Set

    Indulge with the sweet, spicy flavour of chilli crab, the 'lemak' goodness of Laksa flavour and the delectable fragrance of chicken-rice with this special selection of iconic Singaporean cookies served in a lovingly-inspired “tingkat”.

    * This set includes Chilli Crab, Laksa, and Chicken Rice cookies.
  • * Tingkat Fruits Set Bestseller

    * Tingkat Fruits Set

    In the past, “tingkats” were used to bring delectable home-cooked meals to loved ones. This tingkat version of Singapore’s most iconic fruit flavours includes the aromatic, bittersweet flavours of durian, the delicate sweetness of lychee, and the tart sweetness of cranberries.

    * This set includes Durian, Lychee, and Cranberry cookies.
  • Champagne Truffles

    Champagne Truffles

    A Raffles’ original recipe combining precious aged champagne in celebration of flavours. Encased in a Swiss chocolate shell, the liquid champagne is guaranteed to seduce even the most discerning palates.
  • Curry La Mian

    Curry La Mian

    Enjoy the rich, spicy goodness of Curry LaMian; a scrumptious blend of herbs and spices with the gourmet Prima Taste Singapore Curry Paste. A harmony of flavours that warms your heart in 7 minutes.
  • Curry Wholegrain La Mian

    Curry Wholegrain La Mian

    With noodles made with 51% superfine wholegrain flour, Curry Wholegrain La Mian brings delight to curry lovers who are seeking a higher nutrition value. Boasting a sumptuous blend of herbs and spices, enjoy the robust spicy goodness of our Curry Wholegrain La Mian, without the guilt!
  • Durian Crisps

    Durian Crisps

    Delicately roll the savoury sweetness of the custard-like filling inside your mouth, then bow down to the King of Fruits in a portable cookie form. Crumbs!
  • Frozen Durian (Mao Shan Wang)

    Frozen Durian (Mao Shan Wang)

    Thaw out the King of Fruits, then sink your teeth into the sweetest-tasting, creamiest, dreamiest durian you’ve ever tasted. Everybody freeze!
  • Frozen Durian Crepes

    Frozen Durian Crepes

    Ooh la la! Savour the King of Fruits, pureed and sandwiched, between impressively tall and decidedly majestic Mille-Crepe layers.
  • Frozen Durian Mochi

    Frozen Durian Mochi

    Konnichiwa! Made from sweet short-grained Japanese rice steamed and then pounded into a gooey mass, each mochi conceals a sweet yellow durian paste beneath its smooth outer texture.
  • Frozen Durian Puff Bestseller

    Frozen Durian Puff

    Fall in love at first bite with these legendary Durian Puffs. Let the generously creamy durian pulp melt in your mouth and be transported.
  • Ginger Garden Marmalade

    Ginger Garden Marmalade

    Inspired by a UNESCO World Heritage garden founded in 1859.
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Starring tender chicken served over fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock and pandan leaves, this delicious dish delights with its rich flavours!
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