Bring home the BEST Singapore food souvenir brands today.

Bring home the BEST Singapore food souvenir brands today.

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About Us


The Simply Local is set up by two experienced Sales & Marketing professionals from the hospitality industry.  As avid travellers, we love to explore authentically local food souvenirs and offerings that we can bring home. But we realize that many a time we are time-strapped and struggling to unearth some of these local delights. 

This is what inspired us to create The Simply Local, to provide people with better access to Singapore’s multi-cultural culinary gems, with a carefully curated menu of food souvenirs that are popular among the local Singaporeans.

Each and every item in our inventory arrives ready for travel overseas where it can be shared with friends and colleagues. Together, these food souvenirs tell Singapore’s story, and we hope that they take you on a delicious journey of discovery.

Why Simply Local ?


Singapore’s food is like its heritage, reflecting a rich mix of cultures that have come together in a delicious and hearty way. We’re passionate about sourcing Singapore’s most unique food and snack products, and promoting home-grown brands and their wonderful stories to the world. That’s why we handpick only the finest food products that Singapore has to offer, and hand-deliver them to your hotel or office.

We offer busy travellers, such as yourself, the time-saving convenience of bringing home the very best food souvenirs to their colleagues and loved ones. When you no longer have to travel to multiple locations to locate food souvenirs, you’ll have more hours in your day to enjoy everything else that Singapore has to offer.